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Women of The World Endowment

Impact Investing

Women of the World Endowment stands as a pioneering investment nonprofit reshaping the financial landscape by prioritizing women as catalysts for change. Their commitment to investing in and through women reflects a profound belief in gender diversity's transformative power in addressing global challenges. Their focus on empowering women as economic, environmental, and social changemakers underscores their dedication to effecting significant systemic change within the finance industry.

The selection of Women of the World Endowment as Sponsor of the Year is a product of their unwavering dedication to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. Collaborating closely with our organization over the lsat year, their contributions have been pivotal in transforming BLK's aspirations into tangible initiatives. Their guidance in refining our strategies for supporting and recruiting women within our organization has been invaluable, and their relentless efforts in ensuring successful events, such as the Fall 2023 Women’s Tea Party and BLK's first Women's Conference, further solidify their status as exemplary sponsors aligned with our mission.

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