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Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are available for prospective applicants?

We provide three distinct roles: Community Member, Equity Research Trainee, and Equity Research Analyst. The choice that suits you best depends on your objectives and background:

Community Member: If you're keen on networking and prefer a flexible commitment level, the Community Member role is tailored for you. While not deeply involved in educational initiatives, this role offers valuable networking opportunities.

Equity Research Trainee: Our most popular option, the Equity Research Trainee position is ideal for those without a finance background. This role involves an educational program to develop financial acumen and interview skills. If you're looking to learn and build a solid foundation in finance, this is a strong choice. Upon successful completion of the education program, Equity Research Trainees will be invited to be Equity Research Analysts. 

Equity Research Analyst: For individuals with experience in pitching stocks, the Equity Research Analyst role is an excellent fit. This position involves direct engagement with our hedge fund's sector designations. It's an opportunity to contribute your expertise and make a specialized impact.

What qualifications are needed to apply?

Apart from being a Black or African-American student currently enrolled in full-time education, we have intentionally kept our application process open to all backgrounds and experiences. We want to emphasize that having a finance background is not a prerequisite. Even if your initial position preference isn't available, if we recognize your potential, we're committed to finding a suitable spot for you within our organization. Our goal is to foster inclusivity and provide opportunities for growth to as many people as possible.

What is the application deadline?

Applications will remain open until February 16th at the latest; however, we review applications as they come in, meaning that applying earlier increases your chances of acceptance. If we fill our class before the February 16th deadline, we may close applications earlier than that date.

Can students located outside of the United States apply?

Absolutely! We warmly welcome applications from students located outside the United States. We have opportunities specific to international students as well.

What is the weekly time commitment?

For Community Members, the average weekly commitment is around 2 hours, primarily allocated to networking events. Equity Research Trainees and Analysts, on the other hand, typically dedicate around 5 hours per week to make time for both networking events and progress in their respective positions.

What is the average timeline for the recruitment process, from application submission to final decision?

The recruitment process timeline can vary, but on average, it takes 3-4 weeks from application submission to a final decision. Please note that this is an estimate and may vary by the timing and volume of application submissions.

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