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Application Process

We greatly value transparency, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best advice and guidance when it comes to our application process. We wholeheartedly welcome all those interested to discover their role within our community, regardless of their background. Experience in finance has never been a prerequisite or an expectation for becoming a member of BLK. Our commitment lies in providing financial education – we're here to teach you!


Resume Submission

Your journey starts with a resume submission. At this phase, our objective is to understand your ambitions, interests, and past endeavors. Our focus is on understanding who you are and the qualities that define your unique identity.

To best prepare for this stage, we recommend engaging in thoughtful reflection on your academic, work, and extracurricular experiences and reviewing your resume to ensure it accurately portrays the best version of you.

As applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, we emphasize the importance of completing this step as soon as possible.


Pre-Recorded Interview

Moving forward, the next step involves a pre-recorded interview with four behavioral questions. This is where we hope to get to know you better.

To prepare, take some time to think about your background and experiences. It is a good idea to have stories ready that show how you've taken the lead, worked towards positive changes, and expressed your interest in the financial services industry. While it's a formal interview, our best advice is to treat this like a virtual conversation. Just be yourself, open and relaxed.


Final-Round Case Study

Lastly, there's the case study segment. Here, we'll ask you to work on a stock pitch, which you will later present to a live interviewer. Please do not worry if you've never done a stock pitch before! Most people applying to BLK are new to this as well, and we'll give you a template to help you out. Stock pitches can get pretty technical, but don't worry, we're not aiming for technicality. What we're really interested in is your logical thinking and the effort you put in.

When you're presenting your stock pitch to your final-round interviewer, you can expect a series of behavioral questions and a final discussion about the company you've researched.

Who We're Look For

We actively seek out individuals who embody leadership, ambition, and a genuine drive to create positive change. At BLK Capital Management, we recognize that these qualities can manifest in various forms and backgrounds. Whether you've demonstrated leadership within your community, exhibited ambition through personal accomplishments, or shown a passion for making a meaningful impact, we're excited to hear your story. An interest in finance is a connecting thread that unites us, but we value the diverse perspectives and experiences that enrich our community. If you're excited about the prospect of contributing to a dynamic environment where your unique qualities are celebrated, we enthusiastically encourage you to apply!

Diversity and Representation

We want to emphasize that we enthusiastically welcome all undergraduate applicants of Black or African heritage! At BLK, we're dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where gender, sexuality, location, financial background, or school are not barriers. Every semester, our class is made up of students from around the globe, and the vast majority of them come without prior experience in finance. We're excited about the prospect of you applying and potentially joining our community!

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