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The BLK Economics Podcast

In need of illumination?
Turn on the BLK Podcast, every Sunday

The BLK Economics Podcast is to enrich and educate BLK’s internal and external community. We as analysts want to provide you with essential information and knowledge of the finance world. We will be speaking to finance executives, leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

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Live at the Spring Conference! 

"Hot Ones with a Wall Street CEO" featuring Ed Wolfe, from Wolfe Research and BLK's Elijah Osagie and Zac Elliot

Podcast Team: 

Founder & Creative Director :  Eyoel Kassa-Darge 

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Podcast Leads :  Elijah Osagie & Amen Amare 

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Marketing Committee Head :  Robert Eatmon 

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 Abel Hagos, Amanuel Gebeyehu, David Obwaya 
Desi Warren, Jenniviv Bansah, Mariam
Marvel Joseph, Michael Legesse, Zac Elliott


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