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Roark Investment Fellowship

BLK Capital Management and Roark Capital are excited to open applications for the Roark Investment Fellowship. The Fellowship is a year-long program for sophomore students who identify as Black and are interested in learning about careers in investment banking and private equity directly from current industry professionals. This Fellowship aims to increase access and awareness of these careers to traditionally underrepresented students and provide guidance on the networking and interview process. We are seeking intellectually curious rising Sophomores (Class of 2026) who are ambitious in academic and professional pursuits. While demonstrated interest is appreciated, previous finance experience is not required.

Pioneering Pathways in Finance and Investment Banking

Roark Networking Trek | NYC, NY and Chicago, IL

The structure of the sophomore fellowship:

Classroom instruction


The Fellowship requires students to attend weekly 90 minutes classes taught by Roark investment professionals. These remote classes provide investment banking and private equity concepts, as well as  in-depth career coaching, including networking skills, resume review and interview preparation. The classes also include technical knowledge and case studies.


Mock interviews


During the second semester, students participate in mock interviews with investment banking and private equity professionals, designed to prepare students for the upcoming intern interview process, covering first round interviews through final interviews, also known as super days. The mock interviews typically replace the second half of weekly classes and are conducted in small group breakout sessions. 




Students are assigned one to two mentors from the investment banking industry who offer frequent check-ins and guidance throughout the fellowship and recruiting process. 


Networking Trek


The culminating experience is a Roark-funded networking trek during each student’s respective spring break. Throughout the trek, students visit over a dozen leading investment banks in New York and Chicago as well as virtual info sessions for banks in other geographies. The networking trek is designed as a launching point for Summer 2024 intern recruiting.  Roark fully funds this experience by covering flights, transportation, hotel, and meals.

How to apply:

Applications to the Roark Investment Fellowship for the 2023-2024 academic year have closed. Applications for the 2024-2025 Fellowship will open in the Summer of 2024.


Please reach out to if you have questions regarding the program.

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