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Asset Management

With a global presence and a staggering $193.6 billion in assets under management, Lazard Asset Management stands as a leading entity in the investment landscape. Their extensive suite of traditional and alternative investment services encompasses listed equity and fixed income investments across diverse global, regional, and country-specific strategies. Catering to a wide array of clients, Lazard's offerings are tailored to meet the varied needs of investors seeking comprehensive and versatile investment opportunities in today's dynamic financial markets.

Lazard Asset Management distinguishes itself through its dynamic and supportive team, consistently infusing fresh and innovative ideas into BLK’s conference planning. Their proactive approach in facilitating connections with senior leadership from their firm has significantly enhanced the engagement and value for BLK members. The unique impact they've had on the community is evident in the enthusiasm exhibited by members upon hearing the name Lazard. BLK is immensely grateful for Lazard Asset Management’s enduring dedication and the exceptional experiences they have consistently brought to the forefront of our events. Their consistent involvement and remarkable contributions have solidified their status as an indispensable partner, greatly shaping BLK’s success and community engagement.

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