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Obed Antwi-Baidoo

Chief Strategy Officer

Obed, hailing from the Kumasi area of Ghana, is a fourth-year student at the University of Notre Dame, where he pursues dual majors in Finance and Economics. This summer, Obed has embarked on an exciting journey as a Private Credit Analyst Intern at The Carlyle Group.

He wields prior finance experience through his internship at Bank of America Securities in the Global Markets Division. There, he rotated across the Credit and Mortgage Trading desks, and the Cross Market Sales desk.

Beyond finance, Obed's passion for learning and community development is evident in the early childhood school that he cofounded with his father.

In his spare time, Obed finds solace in hikes and reconnecting with old friends. He also enjoys exploring new ideas through different media including the Big Think YouTube channel because he believes that one can only aspire for as much as they have been inspired.

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