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Kyle Randon

Sponsorship Chair

Kyle, from Houston, Texas, is a sophomore student at Carleton College pursuing a degree in economics. During the summer of 2024, Kyle will be interning at Carleton’s Investment Office, managing the school’s $1.3+ billion endowment fund. He will also be working on two project-based internships focused on the real estate and healthcare industries.

Outside of his dedication to BLK, Kyle is the founder & president of Carleton’s Investment Banking and Private Equity Association, incoming president of Carleton’s Real Estate Association, and Director of Programming for the Black Student Alliance. Kyle has also volunteered in Costa Rica and Portugal, working with women-led organizations and beach cleanup initiatives. In his free time, Kyle is an avid basketball fan and player, leading one of the intramural basketball teams at his school. He likes to regard himself as a pro baker as well, but his burnt cookies say otherwise.

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