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Our Executive Board

Introduction BLK Capital Management, Corp’s 2022-2023 Executive Board.

This diverse group of high-achieving college students works relentlessly to redefine inclusion in the financial marketplace, driven through empowerment, education, and opportunity.

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Imperial College London,

Class of 2023

Work Experience

Goldman Sachs - Incoming Full Time Analyst


Zac grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom and advanced on to study in London on a full academic scholarship where he majors in Mechanical Engineering. Zac has a strong passion for educational equality, and has volunteered as a tutor for a number of educational charities supporting underprivileged students. In High School, Zac competed in track & field, winning national titles and competing internationally. Recently, he has been recognised in the UK by the country's top diverse recruiting agency as one of the country's Top 10 Rising Stars. 

Executive Vice President


The University of Texas at Austin -- McCombs School of Business, Class of 2023

Work Experience

Incoming PWP Investment Banking Summer Analyst, Private Equity Summer Analyst @ Macquarie Group


Otega Amudo has lived in 6 countries including Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Oman, Nigeria, and America. Her love for finance began after four, 12-week select transactions across non-profits in the areas as a Project Lead for 180 Degrees Consulting. 

Since then she has interned in private equity and investment banking with an upcoming internship at a growth equity shop that invests purely in bootstrapped technology companies 

Chief Operating Officer


Cornell University, Class of 2023

Work Experience

Goldman Sachs Sales & Trading Summer Analyst 


Jenniviv is a passionate storyteller and is interested in the economic development of developing countries. She’s interned at Google as APMM Intern, Ernst & Young as a consulting intern, Goldman as an Investment Research Intern and a Sales and Trading Intern. She enjoys playing tennis, travelling, and exploring new hobbies. 

Head of Programming


Work Experience

Incoming Bank of America

Rates & Currencies Solutions Summer Analyst


Musa is a finance enthusiast who is passionate about bringing and inspiring more women into the historically male-dominated finance space  

Sponsorship Chair


Harvard University, Class of 2025

Work Experience

Incoming Goldman Sachs Global Markets Summer Analyst 


Peirce is a second-year at Harvard College with an intended concentration in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Economics, and have an interest in Business/Finance, Computer Science, and the Arts. He is the Co-Founder and current President of EllisVillage, a venture that supports organizations that assist budding young musicians in their artistic growth. He is also a Juilliard Pre-College trained violist who as appeared on NPR's "From the Top" Radioshow and performed for Michelle Obama and other dignitaries at the White House.

Chief People Officer


James Madison University, Class of 2025

Work Experience

T. Rowe Price Fixed Income Fall Intern


Jordan is a sophomore at James Madison University majoring in Finance. On-campus, he is involved with the Madison Venture Group, a Venture Capital based club, and the Ole School Alumni Scholarship Group, a group of Black alum from his school who help students achieve their professional goals. This summer he will be working as a Mortgage Member Services Intern at Navy Federal Credit Union. Jordan's professional goals include working as an Investment Banker or Private Equity Analyst after he graduates. As the recently promoted Chief People Officer of BLK Capital Management, he is looking forward to helping carry out the organization's mission while increasing engagement and relationships built within the organization.

VP of Education 


Georgetown University, Class of 2023

Work Experience

Incoming Insight Partners Private Equity Analyst 


Chuma is a senior student-athlete in Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. As an active member of the executive for around 2 years, Chuma is driven to play a role in the cultural diversification of Wall Street. In undergrad, Chuma has spent his time pursuing interests in technology, innovation, sustainability, and business strategy. Upon graduation, he will start his career as an analyst at Insight Partners, evaluating investment opportunities in attractive markets and partnering with portfolio companies on growth strategy 

Chief Strategy Officer


Yale University, Class of 2025

Work Experience

Venture Investing Intern @ Emerson Collective 


Roberaa Ayana grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he was an enthusiastic STEM student completing research at the University of Minnesota. Now, he is currently a portfolio support intern on Emerson Collective’s impact investing venture team and Chief Strategy Officer at the student-run hedge fund, BLKCapital. He is an obsessive community builder, placing much of his emphasis on building resilient communities in unlikely spaces. 

VP of Education 


Harvard University, Class of 2025

Work Experience

BLK Capital Equity Research Analyst

Lennox Capital Partners 


EJ is from Raleigh, NC, and he finds interest in finance and education. He recently completed an internship with Lennox focusing on investment strategies, and he also worked as an equity analyst for The Psychadelics Investment Fund. Outside of his professional and academic interests, he enjoys skydiving, playing sports, and cooking. He is excited to work with new analysts and be a resource to them in BLK.

Chief Investment


Work Experience

J.P. Morgan Investment Banking Summer Analyst 


Caleb grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and went to attend UNC Chapel Hill to study Economics and learn more about the business environment from a strategic viewpoint. This led him to interning at Bank of America, as a Strategy & Management Summer Analyst in 2021 and interning at J.P. Morgan Chase as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst in 2022. He is looking forward to having a transformational impact on the performance of the fund, and building a foundation for future leaders.

Chief Investment Officer


Wake Technical Community College, Class of 2023

Work Experience

BLK Equity Research Analyst


Anthony comes from a background of working in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with a track record of improving the success of his peers and prospective students, ensuring that the minority has the skills to face off the real world. As an electrical & computer engineering student with a breadth of market and financial knowledge, Anthony leverages his strategic thinking and rapidly growing technical expertise to make substantial improvements in the BLK Capital Management portfolio and the confidence of BLK analysts..

President of
Alumi Relations


 The George Washington University, Class of 2021

Work Experience

Citibank Short Term Credit Trading Analyst


While attending The George Washington University Joel Stennett was an Economics major while also being Captain of the Men's Track and Field Team. Joel Stennett has interned at Deloitte, & Goldman Sachs; and he is currently an Analyst at Citigroup in their Global Markets Division. In addition to being President of Alumni Relations Joel Stennett has also served as BLK's Sponsorship Chair.

Chief Marketing Officer


Middlebury College, Class 2023

Work Experience

J.P. Morgan Corporate & Investment Bank Markets Summer Analyst 


Gabby is a senior at Middlebury College that enjoys exploring the connection between international affairs, global politics, and entrepreneurial finance. She has internship experience in investment research and is excited to purse a career centered around financial markets. Her peers will describe her as curious, hardworking, dependable, and ambitious. She is passionate about her work with BLK and maintains enthusiasm through adversity with the emotional intelligence to adapt to dynamic situations.

Chief Marketing Officer


Columbia University, Class of 2025

Work Experience

Incoming RBC Investment Banking Summer Analyst 


Edward Awe believes that economic strength is the lifeblood of a community. Edward plans on breaking into Private Equity & Venture Capital space to economically empower historically disenfranchised communities, by actively investing into their wealth building ventures..

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